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Biblische Facetten 
Mirjam Schambeck
Biblical Facets
20 key texts for schools and congregation

The Bible contains stories that are just as thrilling as any mystery novel. But who truly knows this rich book, more copies of which have been sold than any other in the world? Mirjam Schambeck’s book makes biblical texts accessible for people today. She delves into twenty key texts from the Bible, ten from the Old Testament and ten from the New, by directly contrasting interpretations of today with interpretations from the past.

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William J. Hoye
What They Are Worth – Why We Need Them

It is heard so often in our time: the call for more discipline, for strong values and for greater morality. Clearly, something is missing when a person’s actions seem arbitrary and other people no longer play any role at all in the decision-making process. The feeling of having no foothold and being overwhelmed by a complex world that offers infinite options has become a sickness of our time.

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Noahs vergessene Gefährten 
Rainer Hagencord
Noah’s Forgotten Companions
Healing a Broken Relationship

The relationship between people and animals is often characterized by a lack of moderation on the part of the humans. Animals are treated either as a commodity or as substitutes for people, either spoiled or tortured. But it has consequences for our own humanity, our image of God and the world, when animals – with their thoughts, feelings and behavior – are not adequately appreciated as fellow creatures for which our race has a responsibility.

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Aufbruch oder Betriebsunfall? 
Hermann-Josef Frisch
New Beginning or Mistake?
The Second Vatican Council and Beyond

Opening to the world – this motto characterizes the enthusiastic, forward-looking approach of the Second Vatican Council and the decisions reached there. But today this excitement seems largely to have been forgotten. Discussions about the use of Latin in Mass as well as the traditionalists and their understanding of church, eucharist and religious freedom are clear signs that the Church’s path seems to be leading back to the time prior to Vatican II.

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Franz und Klara von Assisi 
Niklaus Kuster
Francis and Clare of Assisi
A Joint Biography

Saint Francis has fascinated people for 800 years with his love of the world, the spiritual depth that fed his thoughts, and the liberty he maintained in his way of life. Clare, on the other hand, is being rediscovered in recent years. Women, especially, admire her sensitive and yet bold approach to imitating the life of Jesus in her very own way in spite of great opposition.

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