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Hubert Philipp Weber
Understanding the Apostles´Creed

Today, people who identify as Christian are often questioned and challenged. Believers in conversation with atheists or people of other faiths must know the ins and outs of Christianity.
This book explains the Apostles’ Creed, which contains the central testimonies of the faith, step by step, making it interesting not only for Christians, but also for those who may be interested in Christianity in a more objective way.

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Entleerte Geheimnisse 
Tiemo R. Peters
Mysteries Plumbed
The treasure of C Christian faith

In this keen reckoning with faith, Tiemo Rainer Peters grapples with key Christian mysteries including salvation, resurrection, and mercy. Without adapting them to popular trends or tastes, he follows them to the point where they surpass our comprehension and demand a new understanding.

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Gottes Schweigen 
Magnus Striet
Holy Saturday Stillness
Easter between Desperation and Hope

Easter consolidates the story of God with human beings, at the end of which we wish for everyone what the Christian faith in Jesus Christ asserts has already been fulfilled: triumph over death and a life in the boundless, saving and reconciling presence of God. But in light of incomprehensible suffering and oppressive experiences of meaninglessness, is this still believable? Or are such statements not merely “spiritual smokescreens” intended to superficially “beautify” the world?

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Bei den Menschen sein 
Bernd Jochen Hilberath
Being With the People
The Last Chance for the Church

These days, many people experience church as an institution far removed from life that no longer has anything to do with the things most important to them. Can a church like that, one that comes across to people mainly as a hierarchy, have any future at all? Or will it continue to be less and less relevant for people’s lives?

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Michael Plattig / Ralf Stolina (eds.)
Explorations of Solace
Philosophical, Psychological and Spiritual Approaches

In difficult situations, people need comforting words. Providing consolation is also a human need. Solace can be expressed through words, gestures and touch. It relieves pain and mental anguish and diminishes fear. Providing genuine comfort is one of the most essential and challenging aspects of many occupations.

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Exklusive Angebote 
Markus Schiefer Ferrari
Exclusive Offers
Inclusive readings of biblical stories of healing

Biblical stories of healing relay the world-changing power of God. The hopeful images of a whole, healthy future associated with them often prove to be exclusive, despite claims of inclusivity. Notions of perfection unintentionally contribute to the exclusion of people with disabilities.

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Wesentlich werden! 
Stefan Knobloch
Becoming Essential!
For a Theology and Church at Life`s Focal Points

The church and theology are where life takes place – right in the middle of it! Really? Or does this statement actually just reflect a wish: a pastoral and theological postulate that often falls short in the practice? Stefan Knobloch confronts himself, the church and theology with this situation.

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»Es rettet uns kein höh’res Wesen«? 
Bruno Kern
»No Higher Power Will Save Us?«
On the religious critiques of Karl Marx - a debate in solidarity

»Religion is the opium of the people.« We have all heard the expression, but how many of us are actually familiar with the Karl Marx writings that critique religion?
Bruno Kern delves into the original Marxist texts and offers a thorough examination of his radical questioning of religion, at the same time dispelling popular misunderstandings and giving an »account of our aspirations« in conversation with Marx.

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Und Gott segnete sie 
Hubert Philipp Weber
And God Blessed Them
Understanding the Story of Creation

Is belief in the Creator God compatible with the theory of the Big Bang and the self-evolving universe? Which questions determine the conversation between natural sciences and faith? And which questions do the Creation stories of the Bible answer?

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Vergeben und versöhnen 
Peter Kohlgraf
Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Experiences of Faith – Fields of Action

Forgiveness and reconciliation are main themes of the Christian faith. This study approaches the topic from a practical and pastoral theological perspective. How do people live as »experts« in forgiveness and reconciliation within their relationships? What role does their faith play in this?

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