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»Ihr aber seid ein priesterliches Volk« 
Ottmar Fuchs
»But You Are a People of the Priesthood«
A pastoral-theological interjection for confirmation and ordination

The laying of hands on a person is something special, not only within Christianity. Somehow a gift is bestowed in that moment, which simultaneously makes a function or role possible.

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Die Entwicklung Europas fordert die Kirchen heraus 
Ivo Fürer / Paul M. Zulehner
Europe's Development Challenges the Churches
Activities of the Council of European Bishops' Conferences (CCEE) between Its Founding in 1971 to 1996

Already at the Second Vatican Council (1962–65), leading European bishops developed the idea of an association of Bishops' Conferences in Europe. In 1971, this led to founding of the Council of European Bishops' Conferences (CCEE). While it promotes the cooperation of the Bishops' Conferences, its foundation simultaneously represents an important step towards the »continentalisation« of the worldwide Catholic Church. Ivo Fürer was its Secretary General from 1971 to 1995. In this volume, he documents 25 exciting years of European Church history.

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Dialog und Konflikt 
Martin Kirschner (ed.)
Dialogue and Conflict
Explorations of places of theological insight

Polarization and blocks to communication between different approaches to faith are a hallmark of our times. Theology must negotiate the multiplicity of different starting points in order to work with the various perspectives and frame conflicts productively to arrive at a differentiated dialogue that reveals the greater truth of God to all.

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Rom und die Ostkirchen 
Wilm Sanders
Rome and the Eastern Church
35 steps along the way to ecumenical rapprochement

»The schism of the Eastern and Western Churches, that unfortunate division that has lasted nearly a thousand years, came about primarily as a result of decisions made and actions taken by the Western Church,« is the provocative thesis of this book

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»Es rettet uns kein höh’res Wesen«? 
Bruno Kern
»No Higher Power Will Save Us?«
On the religious critiques of Karl Marx - a debate in solidarity

»Religion is the opium of the people.« We have all heard the expression, but how many of us are actually familiar with the Karl Marx writings that critique religion?
Bruno Kern delves into the original Marxist texts and offers a thorough examination of his radical questioning of religion, at the same time dispelling popular misunderstandings and giving an »account of our aspirations« in conversation with Marx.

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Zeit ohne Ewigkeit 
Thomas Eggensperger / Ulrich Engel / Thomas Dienberg
Time Without Eternity
Life quality and burdens of the hectic human

Time management, work-life balance, and leisure time are red-hot topics that are trotted out to counter stress, burnout, and the omnipresence of digital media. Personnel managers, unionists, but also representatives of the church have to satisfy global demands and individual needs: only satisfied workers achieve the desired productivity, and only convinced employers are open to alternative models of work that allow for work-life balance, family leave, and sabbaticals.

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Was wird aus Religion? 
Rudolf Englert
What Will Become of Religion?
Observations, Analyses and Case Histories on an Irritating Transformation

What Will Become of Religion? There are far-reaching theories about this that usually end in »ation«: secularisation, pluralisation or individualisation… These are bird's eye views. But how does what is changing actually feel close up, from the perspective of those to whom their religion really means something? How do they experience the religious change and transformations in the architecture of the religious? How irritating is this? How disappointing? How liberating may it also be? In which direction does the development point? Will binding religious beliefs still play a role? Will religions only be interesting from the aesthetic or even folkloric perspective?

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Wesentlich werden! 
Stefan Knobloch
Becoming Essential!
For a Theology and Church at Life`s Focal Points

The church and theology are where life takes place – right in the middle of it! Really? Or does this statement actually just reflect a wish: a pastoral and theological postulate that often falls short in the practice? Stefan Knobloch confronts himself, the church and theology with this situation.

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Wigbert Tocha
An interpretation for the 21st century

Virtue: An ancient human concept is making a comeback, breaking out from the jail of austerity, abstinence, and paternalism in which it has long been held. The life-affirming power of the ancient wisdom has meaning for the present day.

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Hubert Philipp Weber
Understanding the Apostles´Creed

Today, people who identify as Christian are often questioned and challenged. Believers in conversation with atheists or people of other faiths must know the ins and outs of Christianity.
This book explains the Apostles’ Creed, which contains the central testimonies of the faith, step by step, making it interesting not only for Christians, but also for those who may be interested in Christianity in a more objective way.

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