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Der zerrissene Gott 
Ottmar Fuchs
God Torn Apart
The Trinitarian Image of God in the Tensions of the World

Tradition has conceived of Father, Son and Holy Spirit as a unity of three individuals who love each other. In this harmonious depiction, God is considered to be constant, incapable of suffering, and in the end, not impacted by human beings and history. But can this image of God still be meaningful in our broken and increasingly divided world?

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Rom und die Ostkirchen 
Wilm Sanders
Rome and the Eastern Church
35 steps along the way to ecumenical rapprochement

»The schism of the Eastern and Western Churches, that unfortunate division that has lasted nearly a thousand years, came about primarily as a result of decisions made and actions taken by the Western Church,« is the provocative thesis of this book

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Geistlich denken 
Edward Fröhling
Spiritual Thinking
The Fruitful Tension of Fundamental Theology and Spirituality

Fundamental theology is a dialogue project – as self-assurance for the Church and as an apologia to doubters, believers of other religions and non-believers. It is concerned with the disclosure of one`s own motives that allow the faith to be acceptable and understandable as a form of thought and life. But what do mysticism and spirituality – from Dionysius Areopagita to Master Eckhart, from Johann Arndt to Nelly Sachs and Jon Sobrino – contribute to the dialogue project on the reassurance of faith?

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Schöpfung – eine Vision von Gerechtigkeit 
Andreas Benk
Creation: A Vision of Justice
What Never Was, But Still Could Be

Biblical creation texts are poems of hope, images of longing, as well as protest literature. They confront the prevailing conditions with a life-affirming utopia. As a result, one thing becomes clear: creation theology has radical consequences for life, education and politics.

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Wigbert Tocha
An interpretation for the 21st century

Virtue: An ancient human concept is making a comeback, breaking out from the jail of austerity, abstinence, and paternalism in which it has long been held. The life-affirming power of the ancient wisdom has meaning for the present day.

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Zeit ohne Ewigkeit 
Thomas Eggensperger / Ulrich Engel / Thomas Dienberg
Time Without Eternity
Life quality and burdens of the hectic human

Time management, work-life balance, and leisure time are red-hot topics that are trotted out to counter stress, burnout, and the omnipresence of digital media. Personnel managers, unionists, but also representatives of the church have to satisfy global demands and individual needs: only satisfied workers achieve the desired productivity, and only convinced employers are open to alternative models of work that allow for work-life balance, family leave, and sabbaticals.

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Zuerst das Reich Gottes 
Rolf Zerfaß
First, the Kingdom of God
Outline of a New Pastoral Culture

»Seek first the Kingdom of God,« is what Jesus said – and not: Seek first a common order of worship, a new deanery homepage or a change in the diocesan structure. Rolf Zerfass' texts correct the Church priorities: The Kingdom of God comes first and with it the promise of a fulfilled and solidary life for all people!

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Ein Kelch für zwei 
Jörg Bremer (ed.)
A Goblet for Two
The Ecumenical Debate on Communion for Interdenominational Couples

The Catholic German Bishops' Conference is experiencing a rift due to the question of whether Protestant partners who go to Catholic mass are also permitted to have communion – and if they are, under which conditions. Pope Francis has instructed the bishops to find an amicable solution, but it appears to be a long way off. Theology and Church law allow different interpretations, and the Pastoral has its own aspects.

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An Gott als Person glauben? 
Christian Kummer
Believe in God as a Person?
A Forensic Study

God is a person – a statement of faith firmly anchored in the Christian understanding of God. But what does this statement mean? What can it mean today in an era characterised by scientific thinking? Christian Kummer addresses precisely these burning questions. He sees the perception that every experience of reality, even the experience of a belief in God, takes place in dialogue as an interplay of aspirations and answers

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Was wir glauben 
Theodor Schneider
What We Believe
Understanding the Apostles’ Creed
New, updated edition

“I believe in God the Father ... the Son ... and the Holy Spirit.” Today, this ancient Christian confession raises more questions than it answers. What do the terms and formulas contained in it mean? Do they still have something to do with the lives of contemporary people?

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