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Entleerte Geheimnisse 
Tiemo R. Peters
Mysteries Plumbed
The treasure of C Christian faith

In this keen reckoning with faith, Tiemo Rainer Peters grapples with key Christian mysteries including salvation, resurrection, and mercy. Without adapting them to popular trends or tastes, he follows them to the point where they surpass our comprehension and demand a new understanding.

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Schöpfung – eine Vision von Gerechtigkeit 
Andreas Benk
Creation: A Vision of Justice
What Never Was, But Still Could Be

Biblical creation texts are poems of hope, images of longing, as well as protest literature. They confront the prevailing conditions with a life-affirming utopia. As a result, one thing becomes clear: creation theology has radical consequences for life, education and politics.

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Kraft der Barmherzigkeit 
George Augustin
The Power of Compassion
Being Human from the Wellspring of Faith

By highlighting the theme of mercy, Pope Francis has focused our attention on the core of the Christian message. George Augustin, founding rector of the Cardinal Walter Kasper Institute, explores various aspects of mercy in its most essential context: the Christian faith is no foreign infiltration of humanity, but rather the ultimate wellspring from which people can draw in order to become and be human. God’s mercy, which always precedes our actions, is the motivation and the strength of a successful human existence.

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Der zerrissene Gott 
Ottmar Fuchs
God Torn Apart
The Trinitarian Image of God in the Tensions of the World

Tradition has conceived of Father, Son and Holy Spirit as a unity of three individuals who love each other. In this harmonious depiction, God is considered to be constant, incapable of suffering, and in the end, not impacted by human beings and history. But can this image of God still be meaningful in our broken and increasingly divided world?

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Dem Glauben trauen? 
Bernd Jochen Hilberath
Trusting Faith?

The Christians of the future will either be those that have experienced what keeps them firm in their faith, or they will no longer be Christians. This prediction of Karl Rahner’s is increasingly proving itself to be true over time. Being a Christian is made possible by experiences that lead us to faith, or reinforce our faith. To trust in faith also means trusting oneself and others, and ultimately, to place your trust in God.

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Stefan Knobloch
Border Crossings
Biblical Experiences of faith as the Key to Today´s Search for Meaning

Faith seems to be in dire straights these days, at least if you look at the level of engagement of people in local parishes. Is it a lack of interest in faith? Rampant individualism? Drowning in the virtual world of mega-data? The dissolution of every meaningful perspective? This pessimistic, black-and-white thinking, however, does not do justice to the reality. Life is varied!

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An die Peripherie gehen 
Margit Eckholt
Going to the Margins
In the footsteps of Jesus as a poor man – from the Second Vatican to Pope Francis

In 1965, at the end of the Second Vatican Council, Council theologian Karl Rahner spoke of “the beginning of a beginning” that the council would signify for the Catholic Church and its new self-determination at the end of modernity and in the global age.

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Gottes Schweigen 
Magnus Striet
Holy Saturday Stillness
Easter between Desperation and Hope

Easter consolidates the story of God with human beings, at the end of which we wish for everyone what the Christian faith in Jesus Christ asserts has already been fulfilled: triumph over death and a life in the boundless, saving and reconciling presence of God. But in light of incomprehensible suffering and oppressive experiences of meaninglessness, is this still believable? Or are such statements not merely “spiritual smokescreens” intended to superficially “beautify” the world?

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Deuter der christlichen Existenz 
Helmut Zenz (ed.)
Interpreter of Christian Existence
Obituaries - Memories - Tributes: Romano Guardini on the 50th Anniversary of His Death

For many of his contemporaries, Romano Guardini was an important philosophical teacher, spiritual master and companion in the youth, liturgical and cultural movements in preparation for the Second Vatican Council. This is impressively documented in this volume by the collected obituaries, memories and tributes. In addition to Cardinal Döpfner and Auxiliary Bishop Tewes, a selection of more than twenty personalities once again speak out to reconstruct the reputation that Guardini had in the public sphere at the time of his death.
He died in the call of wisdom, but is also described as a »pious and righteous man among the peoples« and an »untiring champion for reconciliation among religions, a forerunner of modern theology.«

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Stefan Knobloch
Life Signs
Rediscovering the Sacraments

While just a few decades ago the sacraments still played a major role in the decisive moments in one’s life, today they are often merely decorative celebrations – if they are celebrated at all. Looking for possible explanations, the theory of de-Christianization is quickly brought forth. But does that really explain everything?

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