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Abschied vom Opfertod 
Meinrad Limbeck
Farewell to Sacrificial Death
Christianity Reconsidered

Jesus died on the cross for the atonement of our sins – for centuries this conviction has defined the faith of many Christians, as have the doctrine and liturgy of the Church. But can Christianity as a religion of love really be based on such a sacrifice and obtain its meaning from this event? According to the New Testament, Jesus came not to die, but rather to preach the uplifting gospel of the kingdom of God.

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An die Peripherie gehen 
Margit Eckholt
Going to the Margins
In the footsteps of Jesus as a poor man – from the Second Vatican to Pope Francis

In 1965, at the end of the Second Vatican Council, Council theologian Karl Rahner spoke of “the beginning of a beginning” that the council would signify for the Catholic Church and its new self-determination at the end of modernity and in the global age.

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Auf das Vor-Zeichen kommt es an 
Bernd Jochen Hilberath
It’s All About the Signs
On the Basis of Christian Hope

“I’ve never been to Santiago, and hopefully my life’s journey won’t end so soon, but occasions to think about what sustains me in this life are becoming more frequent.”

Bernd Jochen Hilberath finds an answer to this fundamental question of human existence in the hope that all people will achieve the goal of life. For him, this possibility comes from the idea that God pronounced his healing ‘yes’ as a sign for the life of every single human being.

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Bei den Menschen sein 
Bernd Jochen Hilberath
Being With the People
The Last Chance for the Church

These days, many people experience church as an institution far removed from life that no longer has anything to do with the things most important to them. Can a church like that, one that comes across to people mainly as a hierarchy, have any future at all? Or will it continue to be less and less relevant for people’s lives?

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Hubert Philipp Weber
Understanding the Apostles´Creed

Today, people who identify as Christian are often questioned and challenged. Believers in conversation with atheists or people of other faiths must know the ins and outs of Christianity.
This book explains the Apostles’ Creed, which contains the central testimonies of the faith, step by step, making it interesting not only for Christians, but also for those who may be interested in Christianity in a more objective way.

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Dem Glauben trauen? 
Bernd Jochen Hilberath
Trusting Faith?

The Christians of the future will either be those that have experienced what keeps them firm in their faith, or they will no longer be Christians. This prediction of Karl Rahner’s is increasingly proving itself to be true over time. Being a Christian is made possible by experiences that lead us to faith, or reinforce our faith. To trust in faith also means trusting oneself and others, and ultimately, to place your trust in God.

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Der zerrissene Gott 
Ottmar Fuchs
God Torn Apart
The Trinitarian Image of God in the Tensions of the World

Tradition has conceived of Father, Son and Holy Spirit as a unity of three individuals who love each other. In this harmonious depiction, God is considered to be constant, incapable of suffering, and in the end, not impacted by human beings and history. But can this image of God still be meaningful in our broken and increasingly divided world?

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Dialog und Konflikt 
Martin Kirschner (ed.)
Dialogue and Conflict
Explorations of places of theological insight

Polarization and blocks to communication between different approaches to faith are a hallmark of our times. Theology must negotiate the multiplicity of different starting points in order to work with the various perspectives and frame conflicts productively to arrive at a differentiated dialogue that reveals the greater truth of God to all.

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Entleerte Geheimnisse 
Tiemo R. Peters
Mysteries Plumbed
The treasure of C Christian faith

In this keen reckoning with faith, Tiemo Rainer Peters grapples with key Christian mysteries including salvation, resurrection, and mercy. Without adapting them to popular trends or tastes, he follows them to the point where they surpass our comprehension and demand a new understanding.

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Exklusive Angebote 
Markus Schiefer Ferrari
Exclusive Offers
Inclusive readings of biblical stories of healing

Biblical stories of healing relay the world-changing power of God. The hopeful images of a whole, healthy future associated with them often prove to be exclusive, despite claims of inclusivity. Notions of perfection unintentionally contribute to the exclusion of people with disabilities.

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